Alaskan Cruise

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This is our video of leaving Seattle, boarding the cruise, and sailing off into the sunset. It was September 8, 2007, and Mom, Sally, Susan, Carrie, Charlie, and Dick took off for the wilds of Alaska, the Inside Passage, the Hubbard Glacier, Sitka, Ketchican, and Victoria, BC.

A bunch of fellow cruisers signed up for a breast cancer awareness jog around the deck. C.B. joined the group, Carrie didn't. Kudo's for C.B., noogies for Carrie.

Short video of a Humpback sounding - taken off Juneau, Alaska

I caught this little black bear walking along the creek bank on our recent Alaskan Cruise at the Mendenhall Glacier outside Juneau, Alaska.

When we got to Sitka, C.B.and R.D. took a Kayaking Trip to the wilds of Sitka, meandering amongst the indeginuous inhabitants of lake, sky, and stream. Then back to the ship to retrieve and secure the tenders, then say goodbye to Sitka.

C.B. and  Dick took a float plane trip out over the landscape surrounding Ketchcan, Alaska. We flew to the Mystic Fijords, and (as you'll see in the video) we had GREAT weather, which they said was very unusual. It's not called the Mystic Fijords for nothing.

Most of this video was shot entering the Inside Passage and of the Hubbard Glacier. We started out with fog, which lifted as we arrived at the glacier, and then the whole day turned beautifully sunny and clear. It was, overall, quite a site.